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At ev.tips, our mission is to help you get the most out of your electric vehicle experience by bringing you unbiased news, reviews and buying advice on everything to do with electric cars and vehicles. You can expect entertaining writing, comprehensive car assessments and detailed group tests while learning to take care of your EV with tips from our expert team of writers.

Why you can trust ev.tips

Our editorial team is made up of motoring experts with long track records in car journalism: we’ve served as car of the year jurors and won awards for writing excellence. We’re extremely well qualified to give you the unvarnished truth about electric vehicles and electric vehicle ownership whether you’re new to the market or an early adopter.

Furthermore, we’re out driving and testing every day in real-world conditions — we know what we’re talking about and are constantly speaking to the right people to answer your questions. You can rest assured that our opinions cannot be bought and our final verdicts are objective and based on experience and expertise.

Meet the team

Aaron Borrill
Aaron has been writing about cars for 17 years and has the awards to prove it, having been honoured at the SAGMJ MJOY awards from 2011-2014. A three-time South African Car of the Year judge, he has contributed to myriad publications, including a six-year stint at TopCar magazine as associate editor. His byline has appeared in Car, GQ, Speed and Sound, Condenast House and Garden, The Citizen Online, GQ Mexico and Business Day Wanted.

Gareth Herincx
Gareth is an experienced motoring journalist with a background in news and features, and gained experience at high-profile brands including the BBC, ITV and GMTV. When he’s not road-testing cars, attending launch events or hunched over his laptop, Gareth can be seen being taken for walks by his Jack Russell terrier near Bath in Somerset.

Wayne Batty
Wayne has reported on McLaren launches at Ascari, prototype BMWs on the frozen lakes of northern Sweden, and Hyundais at the proving grounds of Namyang, South Korea. He’s covered every major European motor show, the Concorso d’Eleganza, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Gymkhana Grid, Le Mans, Retro Classics and many others and interviewed automotive principals, design chiefs and senior engineers including Marek Reichman, Laurens van den Acker, Adrian Van Hooydonk, Michael Mauer, Stefan Winkelmann, and more.

Adwitiya Pal
Adwitiya joined F-At in 2023 as a news writer. With an undergrad in engineering and a masters in journalism from Cardiff University, he somehow ended up developing a bug for all things transport-related, and hence his interest in EVs, which he hopes will massively cut down on emissions one day. If you’re looking for him, he’s most likely to be riding on the Taff trail, or watching football, F1 or cycling.

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