Aaron Borrill

Aaron has been writing about cars for 17 years and has the awards to prove it – having been honoured at the SAGMJ MJOY awards from 2011-2014. A three-time South African Car of the Year judge, Aaron has contributed to myriad publications, including a six-year stint at TopCar magazine as associate editor. His byline has appeared in Car, GQ, Speed and Sound, Condenast House and Garden, The Citizen Online, GQ Mexico and Business Day Wanted.
BMW i3 battery layout
The battery debate: Lithium and the circular economy
Blue Hyundai Ioniq 5 N in three-quarter view
Hyundai UK reveals IONIQ 5 N range pricing and specification
Red Mazda Iconic SV three-quarter view
Mazda unveils the Iconic SP, featuring rotary-EV system powertrain
Nissan Concept 20-23
Nissan Concept 20-23 show car unveiled in London
Volkswagen ID.GTI Concept three-quarter view
Volkswagen drops the covers off the ID.GTI Concept
Peugeot 3008 and 5008 parked alongside each other
New hybrid powertrains announced for Peugeot 3008 and 5008
Aerial shot of the Fisker Ronin Super GT convertible
New details emerge of the all-electric Fisker Ronin Super GT convertible
BMW i7 Protection with flags and camera screens
BMW unveils the i7 Protection – a saloon designed to resist attacks from firearms and explosives
Competitively priced Nissan Ariya ushers in two new trim grades
Volkswagen ID.7
Volkswagen's new electric ID.7 expected to have 700km range
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