BMW’s iX2 – a dual-motor compact crossover EV

Not on a dedicated EV platform, but with plenty of power

X2 is the smallest of BMW’s coupe crossovers, and the second generation includes a BEV derivative, iX2, due for its public debut at this month’s Tokyo Auto Show.

BMW continues to follow the engineering principle of platform duplication, which sees ICE, hybrid and EV powertrains sharing the same platform. The belief from BMW is that sharing platforms are beneficial, unlike the approach of its many rivals, which have developed dedicated platforms and vehicle architectures for their EVs.

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Potent performance for iX2

The iX2 derivative is unsurprisingly the most powerful of BMW’s new X2s. With a dual-motor configuration, the iX2’s peak power rates at 313hp with 364 lb-ft of torque, drawing energy from a 64.8kWh battery pack.

BMW claims the iX2 should be good for 266 miles of driving range before requiring a recharge, and when it does come time to re-energise, there’s the benefit of several charging configurations.

iX2 owners can use the standard 11kW AC charging or pay-up for an optional 22kW rating. There’s also the choice to recharge the iX2 on 130kW DC charging, replenishing battery capacity from 10- to 80% in only 29 minutes.

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Beyond the iX2’s power, performance and range, all the design elements and infotainment features one would expect from a contemporary BMW are available. M Sport specification is the default configuration for BMW’s new EV crossover coupe, which includes 19-inch alloy wheels, adaptive suspension and a mechanically intervening limited-slip rear differential.

Inside is a 10.25-inch digital screen relaying instrumentation functions for the driver and a 10.7-inch touchscreen for infotainment. Both screens are interlinked and shaped into a larger curved display housing. BMW’s UX designers have chosen a resolution and graphic quality for these screens that deliver great legibility and contrast, even when the cabin is flooded with sunlight on a sunny day.

BMW’s iX2 is scheduled to arrive in the UK by March next year, at a starting price point of £56,540.


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