CATL reveals hyper-efficient EV platform with 600-mile range

CATL leads the way in battery maker, and now it has developed an EV platform, with amazing engineering claims.

CATL is the most important supplier of EV batteries. In both scale and technical innovation, the Chinese battery giant is unrivalled, effectively setting the development trajectory and future of EV battery chemistries.

The cross-disciplinary engineering lure of creating its own EV platform is obvious for a company so invested in developing EV batteries. And that is what CATL has done with its Integrated Intelligent Chassis (CIIC).

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CATL’s skateboard-type EV platform has impressive engineering features and range claims. Scaling Chinese-sourced electric motors, control modules and batteries, the CIIC platform is configured for a driving range of 621-miles, when built up as a conventional mid-sized sedan.

The energy density achievements are notable, with this CIIC platform claiming an efficiency of 6.92 miles/kWh. Although not as efficient as Mercedes-Benz’s radical EQXX, the CIIC platform has superior theoretical range to segment-leading EV sedans, such as the Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

As one would expect from a company with proven battery chemistry expertise, the CIIC platform’s recharging performance is rapid. CATL claims that it can add 186-miles of range in only 5 minutes.

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But will CATL start building its own EVs to leverage the potential of this CIIC platform? That’s unlikely, as the Chinese battery manufacturer isn’t scaled or tooled for cabin construction or bodywork assembly. However, it is closely aligned with Asian brands, which could very effectively deploy the CIIC platform in EVs of their own design.

The Neta, from Hozon Auto, is scheduled for its market debut towards the end of 2024, and is a likely candidate for the CIIC platform.

Vietnamese EV brand, VinFast, has a memorandum of understanding with CATL, regarding EV development. With a global presence and recently validated EU vehicle approval, VinFast could repurpose the CIIC platform technology for one of its forthcoming crossovers or SUVs.

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