Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 will produce 15% less emissions than diesel version

The SUV will be offered with a electrified powertrain featuring a 21 kW electric motor and a 48V battery

Citroen has launched a hybrid version of its C5 Aircross family SUV with a self-charging hybrid powertrain featuring a 21 kW electric motor and a 48V battery, expanding the model’s plug-in hybrid, diesel and petrol powertrains.

The French automobile manufacturer has taken another step towards making electric mobility more accessible. The brand-new hybrid combines a new-generation 136 hp (100 kW) PureTech petrol engine, a new electrified dual-clutch gearbox, ë-DCS6, with a 21 kW electric motor, and a 48V battery that recharges automatically during some driving phases.

Citroen says: “Driving pleasure while keeping control over emissions and consumption: this new offer increases driving pleasure and on-board comfort. Acceleration is highly responsive, and you get all the benefits of the electric mode, alongside reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”

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With only 129g of CO2/km emission according to the combined WLTP cycle, the C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 version emits 15 per cent less CO2 than the equivalent non-electric petrol version. It is priced close to a diesel version with an equivalent engine and emits almost 12% less CO2 than the latter.

It also brings all the electric mobility benefits, from enhanced driving pleasure to the possibility to drive in low-emission zones. The Hybrid 136 is therefore particularly attractive on the C5 Aircross, an SUV that stands out from other vehicles in its segment thanks to its unique design and attitude, as well as its comfort and its modularity on-board.

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The company says that 40 per cent of its parts are brand new, and boasts a variable geometry turbocharger. The motor can deliver 55Nm torque, allowing allows the C5 Aircross to be driven 100% electric for low torque requirements, at low speeds, when manoeuvring or slowing down and assists the petrol engine when starting. During deceleration, it acts as a generator to recharge the battery, which reduces wear and tear of the brakes at the same time.

The Hybrid 136 completes the C5 Aircross electrified range, which includes the plug-in Hybrid 180 and plug-in Hybrid 225, besides the combustion variants which run on petrol and diesel. The two existing electric models already account for 40% of total C5 Aircross sales, so it’s clear to see why Citroen decided to introduce this non-plug-in hybrid version as well.

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The new C5 also fits neatly within Citroën’s electrification strategy currently comprising 10 models: from the Hybrid to the 100% electric and the Plug-in Hybrid, including models like the Ami, C5X, and the e-C4 which we found to be a comfortable, refined, stylish and spacious hatchback when we reviewed it last year.

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