EM90 is Volvo’s huge new EV MPV

Want a large six-seater Volvo EV family car that isn’t an SUV? Meet the EM90.

EM90 could be the extra-large Volvo EV that families have been waiting for. The Swedish brand has a strong legacy of creating great family vehicles, as evidenced by its station wagons of the 1980s and 1990s.

Although most new vehicle reveals are SUVs or crossovers, Volvo’s designers and product planners have finally given families what they need – an oversized EV MPV.

The new EM90 is enormous, nearly 1ft longer than Volvo’s largest SUV, the XC90. This new MPV is about floorplan optimization and creating the most generous cabin space for luxury car buyers who want an EV.

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Accommodation is arranged across three rows of seating, providing excellent comfort and spaciousness. Instead of second and third-row bench seats, like many traditional MPVs, the EM90 features individual lounge-type seating for all occupants.

Primary cabin infotainment is provided by a 15.6-inch ceiling screen, a similar concept to that found in the BMW i7. Beyond the 51.6-inch entertainment screen for the second and third-row passengers, there is a 15.4-inch centre-stack infotainment touchscreen.

All infotainment relays through a premium 21-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system with orchestra-level acoustics.

Built for range – not performance

Equipped with a huge 116kWh battery pack, the EM90 isn’t light. It weighs 6,091 pounds, and the electric motor specification might appear a bit tame for something of its size.

A single electric motor drives the rear wheels, rated at 268hp, which makes for reasonable rather than exceptional acceleration. The EM90 runs a benchmark 0-62mph sprint in 8.3 seconds, but its Chinese platform twin, the Zeekr 009, features a dual-motor configuration, delivering 536hp to all four wheels and a rapid 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds.

A benefit of the EM90 mild performance credentials is reasonable driving endurance. Its range is claimed to be 459 miles, with bidirectional changing enabling 10- to 80% battery capacity recharging in only half an hour.

Volvo’s EM90 is debuting in China, with other global markets being under consideration. In a world of SUVs with interior space constraints, an EV MPV like EMP90 would provide most buyers with a very sensible large luxury car solution.


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