EV charging startup Bonnet launches crowdfunder

Funding will go towards improving the reliability of the app and growing the network

The EV charging network Bonnet is heading to crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to help fund its growth. The Bonnet network has more than doubled in size since the end of 2022, and now offers access to over 200,000 chargers across Europe.

If you haven’t come across Bonnet yet then it’s an EV charging network aggregator that offers a single point of contact for a wide range of charging points across Europe. Using the app does away with the need for multiple cards or apps, and the paid subscriptions also give you a discount every time you top up. The app works with over 40 networks, including: SureCharge, Enel X Way, FTX, MFG EV Power, ESB, Allego, Shell Recharge, Franklin, Alfa Power, Plug n Go, Fastned, Chargy, Connected Kerb, Osprey, EVBox, Ladenetz, GeniePoint, Ionity, Source London, Total, EV Charge, Stromnetz Hamburg, EWE GO, Electric55 and Powerdot. The app also gives real-time charger availability, so you’re not wasting time seeking out chargers that are busy or broken. The network currently has 150,000 users.

Bonnet says that this round of funding will go towards improving the reliability of the app, and growing the network across the UK and Europe. Bonnet also plans to introduce an array of new innovative features for drivers and fleet managers.

Patrick Reich, CEO and co-founder of Bonnet, said:

“We are very excited to allow our huge driver community the opportunity to take a stake in our mission to decarbonise transport and make EV charging accessible for all.

“Bonnet has been growing rapidly since we launched just under two years ago, providing drivers with an easy and reliable way to charge their car. We have been thrilled to be supported so far by major global investors, and now we want to provide our driver community, who have helped us on the road to success, with a chance to have a real share in the next stage of Bonnet’s journey.

“Our business is in an extremely strong position as thousands of people each day continue to start driving electric, and we expect to zoom forward as the number one app for EV owners – whether they charge at home, on their street, or on the go – as countries continue to decarbonise their roads before 2030.

“Anyone can now register their interest ahead of the official launch later in March, and we hope to see many of our over 150,000 strong driver community to get involved.”


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