EV Live: 5 reasons to visit the EV show at Blenheim Palace

The electric cars event is coming back to Oxford for a second year, and here are five reasons why you should be there

EV Live, the electric car expo will make a return to the Blenheim Palace in Oxford after a successful first year in 2022, drawing over 12,000 green mobility tech aficionados and enthusiasts.

And EVs from leading manufacturers just won’t be on show, you can even get behind the wheel and go on a test drive around the grounds of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and even beyond into the Cotswold countryside.

The event will take place from 7 -9 July on the 4.5-acre site. As well as experiencing driving an EV, there will be plenty of industry experts, on hand, with advice and information on all things EV, from home charging solutions to different ownership options.

Besides EVs and EV charging, EV Live will also showcase the best green living and lifestyles, including solar energy, battery storage, heat pumps and plant-based foods.

It marks a great opportunity for drivers across the country who have been pondering on an electric car, or even for those who have been sceptical but willing to give it a go. Plus, anyone with a green mindset and inclined to gear up for the environment can come along too.

So if you’ve got the weekend free, head out to Oxford and become a part of one of the most exciting EV events in the country. And, believe it or not, we are going to be there,too!

See and drive leading EVs

The partner list for EV Live is certainly eye-catching. With names Ford, Tesla, BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Peugeot, BYD, and GWM Ora bringing their electric and plug-ins to Blenheim, it will be a dream line-up to admire the cars and if you’ve booked your test drive, get in the driver’s seat and take it for a 30-minute spin too.

While pre-booking is advised, as slots are limited and of course keenly sought-after, you don’t need to worry if you don’t book, too. Some test drives will be available to be booked on the day at the spot (on a first come first serve basis), so as long as you have your driving licence and get a DVLA check code no more than 21 days in advance of your visit, you should be good to go.

Some of the cars on offer are:

Get to know the ins and outs of EVs

Electric vehicles are part of new technology, and we all know how daunting it can be when asked to shift from something that’s unfamiliar. Also having tons of jargon to wrap your head around can also be challenging.

That’s why EV Live will feature a host of industry experts, on hand, with advice and information on all things EV, from home charging solutions to different ownership options, making it all the more suitable for prospecting buyers to come along and enjoy a sit-down session to what all the buzz is about.

And besides the tech and jargony stuff, you can find out the ways in which driving an electric vehicle can become a part of your lifestyle, from not being reliant on oil prices to finding out the best ways to charge and drive will help you in the long-run if you intend to buy one someday.

All the latest tech and innovations

It’s not just about prospecting buyers though. Seasoned EV drivers and long-time savants can find themselves amidst the leading cutting-edge tech breakthroughs and innovations and geek out over which fast-charging outlets are the best for you.

EV charging companies like EZ-Charge and Kerbo Charge will be present at EV Live and talk about a wide variety of topics, from accessible public charging stations to home charging solutions, and even a hyper-local charging supply sharing app.

And, there’s going to be sports cars too! Oxford-based family-owned manufacturer of sports cars Westfield Chesil will show off its Chesil Speedster E, a road and race EV car that has been ten years in development.

The petrol-version of the remarkable car has been in production for the last 40 years. And now, the latest electrified model is built in Bicester and offers improved performance, fast charging, and a wonderful driving experience through town and country.

Polestar limited-edition mountain bike in collaboration with Allebike

Green mission

Blenheim Palace is committed to sustainability. Their five-year pledge to become a net generator of green energy came to a triumphant end in 2022, a project aided in no small part by the estate’s commitment to electric vehicles.

Their inspiring focus on green, renewable energy and their upcoming mission to become totally carbon neutral by 2027 make Blenheim Palace the perfect place to inspire the next generation of EV enthusiasts.

As well as EVs and EV charging, EV Live showcases the best green living and lifestyles, including solar energy, battery storage, heat pumps and plant-based foods.

Not just cars…

EV Live, despite what the name would suggest, is surprisingly not just about cars! As part of its drive towards e-mobility, the event will play host to several e-bike companies and other off-road electric utility vehicles.

E-bike Barn will be showcasing Riese & Muller, a premium German manufacturer of custom e-bikes and eCargo bikes and is a fantastic opportunity to see e-bikes and e-cargo bikes of the highest quality featuring state-of-the-art technology and pioneering design.

Another major name, Velospeed will also present its products, from commuter to e-cargo bikes, leisure cycles to bikes suitable for the whole family.

And just like cars, you can test ride an e-bike and become a part of the wider community celebrating the continued reinvention of the world’s first real mass transport vehicle – the bicycle.



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