UK drivers three times more likely to take their EVs on holidays in Europe

Range anxiety? What range anxiety?

All prepped for the holidays? Recent data shows that Brits who drive electric vehicles have a greater appetite for jaunts to Europe than those with petrol or diesel cars.

According to a British vehicle breakdown recovery provider Start Rescue, 6.5 per cent of trips to Europe by UK drivers in 2022 were in an EV, with over 45,000 EVs being transported by Brittany Ferries in 2022, out of the total 693,000 cars carried.

This stands in stark contrast to electric cars making only 2.2 per cent of the total cars on UK roads.

Start Rescue said that these numbers reveal that supposed range anxiety or concerns about the Continent’s public charging networks are not such an issue for EV owners as long as they plan their routes and ensure they take out European cover in the event of a breakdown.

Figures from The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, or ACEA, also show that even further-flung destinations like Croatia and Slovenia provide excellent charging infrastructure, making long-distance European driving with an EV doable.

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And with online charging maps and apps, such as Chargemap, drivers have the convenience (or chore, however, you look at it) of planning their trips with an effective route that shows available and compatible chargers for EVs.

Tiphanie Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer at Chargemap, said: “EV drivers should feel confident about long drives across Europe. The charging infrastructure for electric vehicles has significantly improved in recent years, with a growing number of charging stations and rapid chargers available along major highways and in urban areas.

“This network expansion, combined with the increasing range of electric vehicles, allows drivers to plan their trips with confidence and effectively reach their destinations.”

Lee Puffett, Managing Director of Start Rescue, said: “Enjoying a European holiday with an EV is increasingly straightforward when you plan ahead and the good news is that if something unfortunate does happen to your EV, the support is in place.

“We provide breakdown cover in more than 40 countries with a repair network throughout Europe, so you can be confident taking your EV on holiday with our Electric Car Breakdown cover. Start Rescue also offer a roadside charge top-up in the UK and some areas of Europe, or we will simply recover you and your EV to the nearest charging station if you run out of battery charge.”

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