Fisker Alaska electric truck coming to Europe

Tesla’s Cybertruck isn’t destined for Europe. But this Californian EV pick-up truck is

Fisker continues to reinvent itself, and in an attempt to grow beyond its domestic market in the United States, it is targeting more sales in Europe.

Founder, Henrik Fisker, knows the intricacies and differences between North American and European customers. The Dane, who has been with Fisker through various restructurings, is a bold designer and futurist.

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Fisker’s latest product developments are less outrageous than Fisker’s primary Californian rival, Tesla. And that could be a benefit for engaging with a broader spectrum of European EV buyers.

Although pick-up trucks aren’t a huge percentage of the European automotive market, they account for some of the most loyal buyers and brand-committed owners. And Fisker’s pick-up, the Alaska, is being configured for global export – including Europe.

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Unlike Tesla’s Cybertruck, with its advanced stainless steel bodywork and sharp edges, the Alaska is less of a risk to pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a collision. Alaska has futuristic proportions and styling, but its surfacing is less of an issue for pedestrians and cyclists regarding crash-safety testing.

The nose section and front corners are aerodynamically shaped but not overly sharp-edged, unlike Cybertruck. Its loadbox lines and rim are more like that of a traditional pick-up truck. Instead of the Cybertruck’s radically shaped and tapered loadbox sides, which make loading ‘over-the-side’ more of a challenge than with most legacy pick-up trucks.

Inside the Alaska are clever industrial design and passenger comfort details, like enormous cup holders, to accommodate oversized beverages.

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Powering the Alaska are two battery pack options, rated at 75- and 113kWh of energy density. Range estimates are 230- and 340 miles, with the more potent battery pack also guaranteeing rapid 0-60mph acceleration of only 3.9 seconds.

Fisker has mentioned that Europe will be a target market for the Alaska, but has not committed to an exact launch date. Interestingly, when the Fisker pick-up truck arrives in Europe, it will find an internal combustion competition with a similar name already on sale – Renault’s Alaskan.

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