Fisker partners with 100% renewable energy-based EV charging network Allego

The American automotive company affirms its commitment to sustainability by teaming up with European public charging partner Allego

Fisker Ocean drivers can now charge their EVs with 100 per cent renewable energy in Europe through the company’s partnership with charging network Allego, as it looks to reaffirm its commitment to sustainability through renewable-energy use.

Fisker is prioritising “green charging” operators that power their public charging networks with renewable energy like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, ocean, hydrogen and biomass, as it looks to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint over a vehicle’s lifetime. By using green charging, Fisker estimates a 40 percent or more reduction in CO2 footprint during an EV’s use phase.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO of Fisker said: “Charging matters: it’s a significant part of an EV’s carbon footprint over its life cycle. Customers are placing greater importance on the sources of electricity they use to charge their EVs, and Fisker will continue to lead the industry in ESG practices and give customers the most sustainable choices. We challenge brands in all industries to do the same to help provide a clean future for all.”

> Fisker Ocean announces 440-mile WLTP range

Every kWh supplied by Allego’s charging stations is 100 percent renewable, certified by Guarantee of Origin Certificates (GOs). Through its energy platform, Allego powers its chargers with renewables generated from wind or PV (photovoltaic) farms with long term power purchase agreements.

Using the Fisker Ocean’s navigation system and the Charge app, drivers can seamlessly locate Allego stations and access one year of free charging at over 27,000 eligible charging ports.

Fisker Ocean; Exterior Shot; 2023; Fisker Inc.

In March, Fisker announced its ground-breaking Fisker Ocean, which we called it “one of the most hotly-anticipated electric SUVs” out there and is now available to be booked in Extreme, Ultra and Sport versions, with expected deliveries set around the end of the year. Its limited edition Ocean One is already sold out.

Both the Fisker Ocean Extreme and One trims are capable of acheiving a combined WLTP range of 440 miles, enough to get you from central London to Glasgow without a stop. It’s also the longest range of any battery electric SUV sold in Europe today.

Fisker’s focus on green charging in an EV’s use phase is just one aspect of Fisker’s overall commitment to sustainability across all phases of a vehicle’s life cycle: upstream sourcing of materials, manufacturing, inbound/outbound logistics, use phase, and end of use/recycling. It’s also expected to publish the Ocean Life Cycle Assessment later this year.

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