Future Ford EVs could be smaller and more affordable

Ford is engineering a compact vehicle platform to create cheaper EVs

Ford has reshaped its product portfolio dramatically in the last few years, prioritising large pick-up trucks and SUVs.

Although the product categories that Ford prioritises are popular in North America, it has narrowed the brand’s European offering, existing many of the legacy models and compact vehicle categories where it was once a notable presence and enjoyed great customer loyalty and success.

Fiesta and Focus, two Ford nameplates with a significant following in the UK, don’t feature full EV options. This is an issue for Ford buyers who want all the benefits of an EV but can’t see themselves investing in the more expensive models that feature battery-only power.

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The EVs in Ford UK’s portfolio are too large for buyers who need to balance the constraints of parking spaces and budgets with British driving realities. Even the imminent Explorer EV, is much larger than a Fiesta, and at an estimated price of £40,000, a lot more expensive, too.

For those Ford fans who aren’t keen on a Mach-E or Explorer, there might soon be smaller and more affordable options. EVs have the potential of being true to the legacy of Ford’s European-designed vehicles, which developed a deserved reputation for compact packaging and great driving dynamics.

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Ford’s CEO Jim Farley revealed that compact EVs were necessary during the company’s latest shareholder presentation. And that the company is moving in that direction, with its R&D resources.

“We developed a super-talented skunkworks team to create a low-cost EV platform. It was a small group, small team, some of the best EV engineers in the world and it was separate from the Ford mothership:

“It was a startup. And they developed a flexible platform that will not only deploy to several types of vehicles, it will be a large install base for software and services that we’re now seeing at Pro.”

Ford’s new flexible EV platform should deliver a range of compact EVs to appeal to legacy Fiest and Focus customers. Other near-term Ford EVs destined for the UK market are a battery-powered Puma (badged as Gen-E) and a revived Capri.

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