Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 N completes final testing at Nürburgring

The high-performance electric car has completed 10,000 kilometres on the iconic German racetrack, before making its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later next month

Hyundai’s high-performance all-electric drive, due to make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month, has completed 10,000 kilometres on Nürburgring, the iconic racetrack in Germany for the final phase of racetrack capability testing.

The car went to the North Loop of Nordschleife, one of the most challenging tracks to do a lap on. Given the Ioniq 5 N did almost 480 laps of the track, it’s a testament to the car’s durability, high endurance and racetrack capability, said the South Korean manufacturer.

Hyundai N brand has long used the Nürburgring Nordschleife (North Loop) track to validate motorsport-bred technologies on N brand vehicles and IONIQ 5 N is no exception despite the technical challenges unique for EVs.

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Hyndai said: “Extracting maximum performance from an EV requires strict discipline on heat management compared to cars with internal combustion engines (ICE) and that requires advanced software implementation. This means each hardware upgrade is further reinforced by advanced software-based performance enhancements.”

Till Wartenberg, Vice President and Head of N Brand & Motorsport at Hyundai said: “The Nürburgring is where every N model is honed to the Nth degree, so our first high-performance, all-electric N model must also prove itself here.”

The Ioniq 5 N will be fitted with innovative technology, including Hyundai’s ‘N Drift Optimiser’ – a driving mode intended for drivers of all skill levels. It can monitor each wheel’s grip level and adjust power from its motors to where it’s needed, as well as alter the suspension’s stiffness. This system is also claimed to make the car’s cornering more responsive and accurate at high speeds on a circuit.

A lot has changed since the standard Ioniq 5. While that was loved by for its smooth, spacious, safe, comfortable and ease of driving, there’s now a much-need big wide grille to feed air into a more efficiently packaged radiator.
In fact, a lot of effort has gone into the car’s cooling, with two different functions to manage the heat: N Battery Preconditioning and N Race, both a direct result of N brand’s motorsport-derived approach
 The N Battery Preconditioning function features two modes: Drag and Track. In ‘Drag’ mode, the optimum temperature is set for immediate use of maximum power, while in ‘Track’ mode, the lowest possible battery temperature is optimised for an increased number of laps.
Meanwhile, the N Race function gives drivers more direct control of the car’s energy usage, prioritizing ‘Sprint’ or ‘Endurance’ driving. ‘Sprint’ is the default state of IONIQ 5 N prioritising full power on demand for the driver. ‘Endurance’ is a setting that maximises IONIQ 5 N’s range on the racetrack. This is achieved by limiting sudden power spikes that slow temperature build-up and increase endurance.

The Ioniq 5 N also gets bigger 400mm brake discs, made from a ‘lightweight’ material. They kick in after the regenerative braking, which is capable of a 0.6G stopping force all on its own, which Hyundai claims to be an industry-beating number.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, Hyundai has announced that the car will be heading to Germany once again, to do another 10,000km of the Nordschleife. Yes, another 10,000km to make sure all the upgrades are working well before its big reveal at Goodwood.

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