Hyper Tourer is Nissan’s futuristic solid state battery MPV

Hyper Tourer is the latest Nissan reveal for this month’s Japanese Mobility Show, in Tokyo.

A daringly futuristic concept, the Hyper Tourer is Nissan’s vision of what a future autonomous MPV could become. Although the silhouette resembles a traditional MPV, the surfacing is radical, with geometric relief shapes at the front corners and a radically contoured waistline.

True to its purpose as an MPV, the Hyper Tourer features generous cabin access via sliding doors, reducing any risk of panel dings when entering or exiting in a crowded parking area.

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Like all concept cars, Nissan’s futuristic people carrier rolls outrageously oversized wheels, with an aerodynamic design, and there’s a rooftop spoiler at the rear, too, further enhancing aerodynamics.

The cabin architecture is all about occupant comfort, regardless of journey duration. Hyper Tourer’s front seats can swivel through 360-degrees, allowing all occupants to face each other, even while on the move. With full autonomous driving technology, the driver can disengage from road awareness and opt to face and engage with passengers if they wish.

Nissan’s ergonomists have gone way beyond the traditional idea of some mood lighting and intuitive UX. The Hyper Tourer has artificial intelligence sensors and biometrics that monitor occupants, analysing mood by tracing brain waves, heart rate and perspiration level. An algorithm responds to all those inputs by adjusting music, cabin lighting and climate control, to ensure optimal passenger comfort.

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Ambient and dynamic cabin lighting is extensive. Japanese Kumiko and koushi roof patterns are complemented by a huge LED floor panel, which relays images of riverbeds and sky, imbuing a sense of natural amphitheatre to the Hyper Tourer’s cabin.

Avant Garde design aside, what powers the Hyper Tourer? Nissan speaks of a solid-state battery, without divulging chemistry details or energy density specifications. We do know the Hyper Tourer is all-wheel drive, which should enhance its people moving ability by securing traction in the depth of winter, on snowy roads.

The electrical architecture is wired for vehicle-to-everything (V2X), which means you could power a laptop or picnic fridge for a very long time, by plugging into the Hyper Tourer’s output ports.

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