ID.7 Tourer is VW’s clever SUV alternative

VW is prioritizing space and efficiency, with its latest large EV.

ID.7 is VW’s premium EV, sitting atop the brand’s ID. range hierarchy, yet, in a world of crossovers and SUVs, it is curiously configured as a sedan.

VW has invested significantly in its EV product portfolio with ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, ID.6, ID.Buzz and ID.7, but the company’s rollout strategy now gains a seventh ID. model that is all about spaciousness.

The latest ID. variant has been confirmed with mildly camouflaged images, and it’s a Tourer. It’s an estate version of the ID.7 sedan, and in a world where efficiency matters more than appearance, it’s a clever design shift by VW.

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Instead of creating an EV Touareg on the ID.7 platform, VW has given customers who want more load space the option of a large estate. But without the increased ride height and aerodynamic drag, which often bedevils EV SUVs’ efficiency and battery range.

VW hasn’t confirmed the new estate’s powertrain specification, but expect it to mirror its ID.7 sedan sibling. That should mean an 86kWh battery pack powering a 282hp motor, with impressive recharging capabilities. VW’s large ID. range vehicles feature an electrical architecture accommodating rapid energy absorption from 200kW rechargers.

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Range? Again, without official details, we must benchmark the estate’s range being close to that of ID.7 sedan, which is good for 435 miles on a single charge.

The aerodynamic difference between sedan and estate versions of the ID.7 are very slight, with the four-door registering a drag coefficient of 0.23, while the station has a coefficient of drag that rates at 0.24.

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It might be slightly less aerodynamic than VW’s large EV sedan, but the Tourer has impressive luggage capacity, as expected for a estate. With the rear seats in use, its luggage capacity is 545-litres; if you fold those rear seats, it increases to a generous 1714-litres.

The Tourer is scheduled to make its market debut next year.

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