1960s Jaguar E-Type given an ‘electrification treatment’

EV conversion kit makers Electrogenic has revealed a stunning classic Jaguar Roadster fitted with an electric drivetrain

British EV company Electrogenic, known for its classic car EV conversions, has revealed the first customer Jaguar E-Type Roadster (or XK-E) fitted with one of its plug-and-play, ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kits.

The transformation of the 1962 Series 1 Roadster is with the help of Oxford-based firm’s revolutionary, proprietary EV powertrain kit – future-proofing the British design icon for years to come.

The easy to install, entirely reversible package – which can be fitted by one of Electrogenic’s international network of partner installers – gives the 1960s machine sensational, clean electric performance – transforming usability and ensuring total reliability.

Steve Drummond, the co-founder of Electrogenic, said: “We’re delighted to reveal the first customer E-Type fitted with our game-changing drop-in conversion kit. Thanks to our cutting-edge, proprietary EV technology, the E-Type – for many the most beautiful car of all – is now just as good to drive as it is to look at. Our drop-in kit range preserves this true British design icon for the future, ensuring it can be admired – and enjoyed – by generations to come.”

With the electric drivetrain, the new version is also lighter than the classic 60s model. The ‘drop-in’ kits feature the innovative tech that has underpinned Electrogenic’s sustained growth in recent years – developed and honed over the course of countless bespoke EV conversion projects. The kits are offered globally via Electrogenic’s partner network.

The first Jaguar E-Type to be converted with Electrogenic’s kit sports an opalescent silver blue hue finish and features the E43 package which equips the classic with 43kW of brand-new, OEM-grade batteries for 150+ miles of range in real-world driving.

With 160bhp (120kW) and, crucially, 460 lb/ft (620Nm) of instant torque (at the crank), the E43 kit-equipped E-Type can hit 60 mph in under 6 seconds. Thanks to those reserves of torque it packs real performance punch at any speed. The kits drive through a neatly packaged single-speed, fixed-ratio transmission

The E-Type Kit range also includes larger-capacity E48 and E63 options, which feature 48kW and 63kW of batteries, delivering 160 and 200+ miles of range respectively.

If you’re looking for classic ‘petrol’ cars fitted with modern electric motors and battery packs, Electrogenic has more easy-to-install drop-in kits for the Land Rover, classic Mini, Porsche 911 and Triumph Stag, further future-proofing these iconic models.

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