Mazda unveils the Iconic SP, featuring rotary-EV system powertrain

Iconic SP represents the company's stance of carrying its sportscar DNA into what is undoubtedly an electric future.

Fresh off Mazda’s unveiling of the updated MY24 MX-5 came the news of the Mazda Iconic SP – a concept car geared to showcase the future of the brand’s sportscar legacy. The Mazda Iconic SP will employ a dual rotary powertrain and EV platform, an idea recently seen on the MX-30 R-EV.

Red Mazda Iconic SV with doors open

As with all Mazda sportscars, the concept will combine a low centre of gravity with the nameplate’s typical low-slung proportions to ensure the ideal dynamics – of course, the former is achieved by mounting a lightweight, rotary engine in the middle of the car. The two-rotor EV system is claimed to be scalable in nature, boasting a flexible layout and operation that can burn a variety of fuels including hydrogen. The big idea here is to be carbon-neutral, and Mazda reckons this can be done if the battery is charged with electricity garnered from renewable energy.

Mazda President and CEO, Masahiro Moro had the following to say when unveiling the concept:

“We love the MX-5, and the world loves the MX-5. We are determined in the age of electrification to keep the joy of driving which the MX-5 represents alive, and the Mazda Iconic SP, with its dual rotary power generator EV powertrain is our dream solution. A dream we will work hard to launch. Mazda will always deliver vehicles that remind people that cars are pure joy and an indispensable part of their lives.”

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Rear shot of red Mazda Iconic SV

Along with the Mazda Iconic SP, several of Mazda’s new models were also on display, including both the original and latest MX-5, the juxtaposition of which shows the company’s stance of carrying its sportscar DNA into what is undoubtedly an electric future.

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