Aero and 800v architecture for Mercedes CLA-Class Concept

This could be Germany’s most compelling Tesla 3 rival

As the original car company, much is expected of Mercedes-Benz regarding innovation and R&D. With its new Concept CLA-Class, the Stuttgart brand shows that it recognises not everyone interested in a luxury EV, wants a crossover or SUV.

Revealed at the IAA show in Munich, the Concept CLA-Class is a vision of what Mercedes-Benz followers can expect from the brand’s compact EV sedan in 2025.

Concept CLA-Class can go a long way

Unlike most concept cars, the Concept CLA-Class doesn’t feature ornate and impractical design details. The overall shape is very sleek, with a teardrop profile. This gives the Concept CLA-Class an elegant appearance and a very low coefficient of drag.

The electro-mechanical configuration is noteworthy, too. Unlike the current CLA sedan, the Concept CLA-Class is rear-wheel drive, with power converting through a 235hp motor. Claimed driving range is a very impressive 466 miles, with petrol-equivalent consumption of nearly 150MPGe.

Mercedes-Benz has not declared the Concept CLA-Class battery size, but dividing its average consumption into the claimed range calculates to an estimated battery capacity of about 90kWh.

Lots of recharge – in a lot less time

Aiding the overall efficiency, systems integration and recharging performance of Concept CLA-Class is an 800-volt electric architecture. Mercedes-Benz claims recharging performance capable of adding 248 miles of range in only 15 minutes.

The Concept CLA-Class features an enormous touchscreen infotainment panel, which spans the width of its entire cabin, powered by Mercedes-Benz’s MB. OS software architecture.

A production version of the Concept CLA-Class is expected to become available for the 2025 model year. Although some design elements, like the glass roof, are unlikely to survive homologation, the overall shape and impressive battery tech should come to market.

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