MG Cyberster checks off Europe leg of its trans Eurasian mega tour

The much-anticipated Cyberster is now on its way to Shanghai, having covered 8,500 miles in Europe

Everyone at has been quite excited about the MG Cyberster ever since it got its 2024 release date in April this year. But as the final days of 2023 draw closer, the hype around the super-quick, two-door, two-seater electric roadster only seems to go higher.

And the news of the Cyberster embarking on a challenging trip to Shanghai, while daunting, sets the expectations bar even higher.

Titled “Charging into the Future”, MG — the over-a-century-old British auto marque which seems like it’s finally returning to its roots of being a sports car manufacturer with its latest offering — is putting the Cyberster through the ultimate test of its engineering mettle with a gruelling trans-Eurasian trip.

The pre-production electric car, driven by British drivers and adventurers Ross and Hugo Turner has already completed the European leg of its tour, having visited France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Spain and Italy, and pretty much the whole of MG’s home market, the UK.

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MG Cyberster Charging into the future

“Hugely capable”

The Turner brothers have driven the car for about 8,500 miles around the continent, exceeding what was originally supposed to be much less based on their route due to the car’s popularity with EV enthusiasts across Europe.

Ross said: “Like all major projects Hugo and I have undertaken not everything has gone quite to plan. A good few thousand extra miles have already been added to the trip because MG fans and EV enthusiasts have heard about the tour and want to see the car, so we’ve been asked to several extra events.”

Both Hugo and Ross have shared the driving duties and, although they’re driving an early prototype vehicle, they have been impressed by the driving experience.

Hugo said: “All of our experience has been with a pre-production car, but it’s been amazing. The car is very responsive as you would expect from an EV, but also it sticks like glue when you throw it into a corner. We’ve also really enjoyed discovering the Cyberster’s abilities in ever-changing environments. It’s hugely capable, powering down an autobahn or taking a hairpin turn up a mountain.”

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MG Cyberster Charging into the future

It’s fast: 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds!

While MG has a gilded record in producing sports cars, the Cyberster is unlike anything they’ve made before. But so far, everything looks good. Very good.

Having already made its debut at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed this year, the scissor-doored roadster seemed to win most people over. Specs-wise, MG Cyberster looks like a winner: The rear-wheel-drive base model is supposed to offer 309bhp power (231kW), while the all-wheel drive twin-motor model is primed to be even more powerful, with 536bhp (150kW front / 250kW rear) output.

While the Longbridge-based company’s original promised 0-62mph in less than three seconds hasn’t been achieved, it’s reported that the MG Cyberster can manage that in 3.2 seconds. I’ll happily take that. Meanwhile, the rear-wheel drive model has a WLTP range of 320 miles, and the dual-motor version can go 380 miles between charges, according to MG. You know what, I’d happily take that too!

MG Cyberster’s comfort and practicality

But it’s not just about the specs, the Turner brothers have been rather pleased with the car’s comfort and quality too, saying that the MG Cyberster has proved to be a practical convertible, more than capable of being driven the long distances found on legs of the Charging into the Future adventure.

Hugo said: “Most people would expect a head-turning convertible like the Cyberster to have no luggage space, but I can fit in the boot! And there’s plenty of room in the cabin. We’ve spent most of the time with the roof down too, and there hasn’t been wind noise or buffeting, despite both of us being over six feet tall.”

“We’ve driven more than 8,500 miles, and I have a bad back having broken my neck many years ago, but it’s been outrageously comfortable. At no stage have I got out of the car in any pain, and there were days when it covered more than 250 miles between legs.”


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