Morgan XP-1 blends EV tech with tradition

Minimal weight gain with sustainability as Morgan reveals EV configured XP-1

Morgan is one of the world’s most iconic legacy car brands. With a history spanning 114 years, the Morgan car company remains deeply traditional.

But even the iconic Morgan three-wheeler sportscar isn’t indifferent to the benefits of electrification. The brand had embarked upon a development journey to create an EV version of its famous minimalist sportscar range a few years ago, yet that project never became a production model.

As demand for EVs has increased, product planners and designers at Morgan have revisited the idea of an EV version of the Super 3. It’s called the XP-1 and combines Morgan’s tri-wheel configuration lineage with some EV hardware.

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The XP-1 is powered by a 134hp electric motor, drawing its energy from a 33kWh battery pack, which is claimed to deliver 150 miles of driving range. Design features shaped to optimize efficiency include aerodynamically shaped wheels with covers, to reduce spoke turbulence and drag at speed.

Lightweighting and tactile driver interfacing have always been key features of all Morgans, and the XP-1 continues that tradition, regardless of its EV powertrain. XP-1 has a kerb weight of only 1543 lbs, making it not much heavier than the brand’s standard Super 3, at 1400 lbs.

By tailoring the battery pack size to Morgan’s specific customer expectations and driving applications, the XP-1 development team has avoided the battery bloat that can degrade some EV performance cars’ driver feedback and ownership appeal.

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With a slightly lower centre of gravity and Morgan’s proven platform design, the XP-1 should deliver a rewarding driving experience for the purist.

For Morgan customers, who are some of the most loyal car customers, the future option of an EV Super 3 is enticing. It could allow those who value the brand to continue experiencing its unique styling driving experience, with all the augmentations of zero emissions motoring.

Although the production pipeline for a marketable version of the XP-1 is not part of Morgan’s immediate timeline, development will continue.

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