Mini announces fifth-generation Cooper Electric – more power, better range

After the success of the 2020 SE, the 3-door MINI is set for a refresh with more power and a longer range

The fifth-generation Mini Cooper Electric will be introduced at two different power levels, with both models boasting more battery, higher power and much-improved range.

BMW Group, which owns the British automotive brand, released photographs of the new models draped in a vibrant, funky camouflage. It said: “The fifth generation of the Mini 3-door is fully electrically powered and continues the success story of the legendary model. With maximum go-kart feeling, the new Mini Cooper Electric embodies the hallmark brand driving fun of the future.”

“With its thrillingly agile drive, the Mini Cooper Electric stands for locally emission-free premium mobility of the future.”

Originally launched in 2020, the Mini Cooper Electric has been a hot-selling product for the company, becoming by far the most popular model in its roster after a 25.5 per cent increase in sales in 2022, with over 43,000 units shipped worldwide.

The popularity of the fourth-generation Mini Cooper Electric has forced the company to introduce not one, but two models, expected to hit the streets by 2025.

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The fourth-gen model only lacked in the power and range stakes. With 184bhp, a 32.6kWh battery and an official range of 143 miles (closer to 100 miles in real-world driving) it is very much an urban runabout.

Things look a lot more promising with the Mini Cooper E which gets a 180bhp motor and a 40kWh battery, with a range of about 185 miles. The flagship Mini Cooper SE benefits from 215bhp and a 54kWh battery, which results in a claimed range of about 240 miles. Still not enough to maybe drive cross-country without breaking a sweat, but good enough to go backpacking in the countryside.

BMW Group said that the “lithium-ion high-voltage battery is installed in the floor of the Mini Cooper Electric for optimum road holding and weight distribution, while also increasing the vehicle’s stability and agility”, and thus redefining the brand’s “hallmark go-kart feeling”.

Thomas Sycha, head of exterior design at Mini, talking about the design changes, said: “This new car has a more aerodynamic form. The droplet shape is ideal aerodynamically with a wider rear.” Even the wheels are flatter and more aerodynamic, with more space available for bigger brakes — looking good on the power regeneration too!

The cabin will have four seats and an expandable luggage compartment. It’s also expected that the model will incorporate the brand’s new personal assistant which is called Spike, residing in the bigger and thinner round infotainment screen.

According to the Munich-based company, one out of five Minis on the road now is electrically powered, and the new pure EVs are set to become the face of the all-electric future of the company.

The Electric will begin production at the BMW Group Plant Leipzig in November 2023 along with the Mini Countryman. BMW also announced that the crossover Mini Aceman will complete the new model family from 2024 onwards.

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