All-new sounds and updated display for next Mini Electric

The MINI family's next members will make you experience its latest sounds and visuals like never before

The Mini family’s latest all-electric models will feature new, distinctive sounds for a more immersive driving experience, while also introducing new round OLED displays with an updated user interface.

The British brand says that it’s taking a “quantum leap into the digital age” with its new interface, called the Mini Operating System 9, while the carefully created and curated sounds will distinguish its models.

The audio repertoire includes new driving sounds in the interior, a ‘brand’ sound in the exterior, jingles for the new Mini Experience Modes as well as new sound icons for information and warning functions.

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Oliver Heilmer, Head of Mini Design, said: “The new sounds are an integral part of the digital experience and individually tailored to the character of each of the new models.

“They make an emotive appeal to the passengers in the interior while shaping the acoustic perception to the outside world. They also make it sound as well as look as unmistakably a Mini.”

Behind the scenes of making the MINI Electric sounds

Mini’s ‘Core’, ‘Go Kart’, ‘Timeless’ and ‘Balance’ Experience Modes feature driving sounds that acoustically feedback to the driver during acceleration.

These sounds are audible in the interior of the future Mini models, “emotionalising the driving experience and also conveying an authentic yet informative impression of the driving situation”, according to the company

New visual experience

Sounds aren’t the only new auditory experience drivers will have when getting behind the wheel of Mini’s next electric models.

The BMW-owned automotive brand is placing a round 240mm OLED display at the heart of the action is the iconic central instrument, called the “MINI Interaction Unit”.

Mini said that its rich colours and positioning within the cabin allow it to be used comfortably by the driver and front passenger, “blending perfectly” with the rest of the interior.

Experience modes in new MINI OLED display

Stefanie Wurst, Head of the Mini brand, said: “We are taking a massive leap into the digital world with the new Mini family and, in so doing, underscoring the charismatic heritage of the brand.

“The iconic central display in the new Mini family is round and will be filled with round content for the first time. I am convinced that the digital power of the new models will delight Mini customers around the world.”

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There are up to eight Mini Experience Modes, a particularly immersive driving experience through the orchestrated use of light, user interface designs, drive settings and sound. An optional light projector on the back of the Mini Interaction Unit also bathes the whole dashboard in colours and patterns to match the Experience Mode selected.

There’s a new personal intelligence voice assistant included with the latest Operating Software 9, marking the first time for the Mini brand. It can be activated using the greeting “Hey Mini” or by pressing the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel.

All these latest updates can be seen in the awaited fifth-generation Mini Electric, announced in May and expected to start production in November this year at the BMW Group Plant Leipzig.

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