Nissan Hyper Punk is an EV crossover concept for creators

Nissan wants Gen Z influencers to create on the move, with this crossover.

Hyper Punk is Nissan’s appeal to youth, with a polygonal design theme and dramatic cabin lighting.

Debuting the Japanese mobility show in Tokyo, this Nissan concept crossover is about where the brand wishes to position itself in future. The target audience? Generation Z content creators and influencers, drivers who want a car powered by electricity that makes a specific statement about their personal design preferences and tastes.

Geometric shapes dominate the Hyper Punk’s exterior surfacing. Nissan’s designers have opted for a disruptive surface treatment instead of smooth and flowing body panels. That extends to the unique 23-inch wheels, with their embedded triangular lighting, further developing the overall geometric value of this Nissan concept’s design.

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Hyper Punk is about statement

Nissan admits that the design is a response to minimalist and clean surfacing. Self-expression and breaking conventional wisdom are the key concepts that Nissan wishes to execute with the exterior design of its Hyper Punk.

The crossover concept’s cabin architecture features an exciting application of artificial intelligence, environmental interpretation, and graphic projection. How? The Hyper Concept cabin has three screens, which isn’t unusual, but what they can do in unison is quite interesting.

Cameras and sensors can render what the Hyper Concept is surrounded by and recreate it in the cabin. Imagine driving in a unique cityscape with modern architecture; the Hyper Concept will then render that imagery in a manga-style, via the three cabin screens.

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Headrest biosensors also analyse and interpret the driver and passengers’ mood, with master algorithm artificial intelligence adjusting entertainment and lighting accordingly. Nissan envisions the Hyper Concept as a mobile creative space with comprehensive device convergence for digital devices, allowing those inside to create content on the move.

There is no mention of the level of driver assistance or autonomy to separate creative convergence and adherence to driving awareness. But the true value of this crossover concept is not in its vaunted artificial intelligence and creativity functions, but its overall proportions and styling, which could influence the next generation of Nissan crossovers.

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