Nissan’s Hyper Urban concept revealed

With front and rear scissor doors and a cyberpunk aesthetic going for it, Hyper Urban is the latest concept released by the company before the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo

Is the future cyberpunk? We don’t know but Nissan Hyper Urban has a lot going for it, and the ‘can’t take your eyes away’ design is definitely one. The other? The mind-boggling front and rear doors for this urban all-electric concept aim to pave the way for driving in the city in the years to come.

In the lead-up to the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, Nissan is set to release a series of its concept designs. Last week, covered the launch of the Concept 20-23, another urban mobility magnifique (with scissor doors) from the Japanese company’s Nissan Design Europe (NDE) facility in Paddington, London.

Nissan Hybrid Urban scissor doors

It has followed that up with the launch of the Hyper Urban, released digitally to much excitement and aplomb. At least that’s what the word ‘hyper’ in the concept’s name is supposed to signify: heightened excitement.

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Nissan’s bold vision

Nissan said that its vision for the Japan Mobility Show embodies the company’s unwavering dedication to enriching people’s lives and revolutionising the electric vehicle landscape with transformative products and technologies. And what better way to revolutionise than to produce a series of disruptive and potentially groundbreaking EV concept designs?

The Japanese automaker said that  Hyper Urban’s styling perfectly complements the sophisticated tastes of its target users, such as urban- and suburban-based professionals who prioritise environmental sustainability.

Characterised by a sleek and modern aesthetic, the vehicle’s design expresses the users’ discerning taste, making a bold statement while also effectively blending in with their environment.

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Modernity with sustainability

The concept also applies sustainability to vehicle lifespan, making it ideal for people conscious of the long-term value of everything they own. Hardware updates and regular software updates provide a fresh ownership experience over many years. For example, the interior can be refreshed with a new instrument panel that reflects the latest technologies and trends in graphic user interfaces.

Nissan Hybrid Urban interior

The car represents the future design and technological capabilities of Nissan’s electric offerings. The exterior’s lime-yellow body changes chromatic expressions depending on the angle at which light hits it, effectively drawing attention while also blending into the surroundings. The front and rear scissor doors provide a sense of openness and character, while the sporty silhouette produces aerodynamic excellence for increased efficiency. Wide tires complete the sporty look, evoking rugged dynamics with urban aesthetics.

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The interior is designed to blend in with urban living spaces. Inspired by kaleidoscopic triangles, the instrument panel and display can be customized according to the owner’s mood. In addition, the front seats can collapse and fold into the back seats, creating a sofa-like, private relaxing space. When away from the daily grind, the Nissan Hyper Urban can seamlessly integrate relaxation and utility: Park it inside a loft apartment or bungalow so that it becomes an interior space to unwind.

The Japan show is set for October 25 and Nissan has announced that we can expect the subsequent concepts to be unveiled soon. We’ll make sure to sit tight and keep a close eye.

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