Panda EV campervan and pick-up truck revealed

Bold new body styles and configurations for Fiat’s versatile Panda.

Fiat has a proud history of producing iconic compact cars and superminis. And in a world where the demand for smaller, more affordable EVs is real, brands are clamouring for retro nameplates related to small cars.

With the Panda name, product planners and engineers have an excellent branding solution for Fiat’s future line of compact EVs. An anchor part of the Stellantis group, Fiat is an expert compact car maker, and the venerable Panda has been a wildly popular model since its introduction in 1980.

With its compact dimensions, charming design and 4×4 derivatives, the Panda does everything. Fiat is determined to leverage its Panda legacy with five new models, to be delivered in a staggered sequence until 2027.

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Designers at Fiat want to go beyond the Panda’s traditional compact hatchback configuration. The Panda design concepts revealed in Italy this week are proof of intent, including a compact SUV, a campervan, pick-up truck, and fastback.

Stellantis is the only legacy car company to have generated profits from EVs, with its CEO, Carlos Tavares, revealing positive numbers at a recent shareholding meeting. The confidence in rightsizing its EV supply chain and that proven compact car design legacy has emboldened Tavares to incentivise Fiat with a growth strategy. And the execution of that strategy is the much broader future Panda range.

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Two concept cars that look particularly promising are the camper and pick-up truck. Fiat’s Strada pick-up truck is trendy in South America, and with the global pick-up truck market growing, a Fiat Panda with a loadbed makes sense.

For decades, Panda 4x4s have been used as hardcore all-terrain touring vehicles by committed owners. With its new Panda camper concept, Fita’s designers want to create a vehicle with roof clearance and cabin volume to make #VanLife easier for intrepid explorers.

An interesting design detail on the camper is its multipurpose roof rails. These extend past the roofline and join into the hood, giving them an additional functionality as a windscreen bash guard against tree branches when navigating narrow off-road trails.

The camper’s roof rails also have integrated LED spotlights, which should be handy when exploring unfamiliar roads and trails on a moonless night.

Fiat says that its future Panda range will feature a diverse powertrain mix of internal combustion engines, hybrids and pure battery power.

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