Glasgow petrol station to install new EV chargers

Glasgow City Council has said the move is part of a nationwide shift away from oil-based fuels.

Six electric car chargers are set to be installed in a Glasgow petrol station, Glasgow City Council saying that the move is part of a wider shift towards electrification and away from fossil fuels in automobiles across the nation.

Originally, the planning permission was granted for three charging units, an enclosure and equipment at the Castlebank Street filling station bordered by the Clydeside Expressway.

Glasgow Live reports that BP Pulse, a Milton-Keynes-based supplier of EV charging infrastructure had submitted the application to Glasgow City Council, which says the move is part of a nationwide shift away from oil-based fuels.

A planning statement lodged with the local authority said: “The central imperative of the development, at this site and others nationwide, is part of the inevitable and essential move away from hydrocarbons into a world where net zero carbon transport is the norm.”

It added: “In, this context, the development should – in principle – be embraced by the local authority, as part of the overall move to a zero carbon and emission transport future. Further, the site – as an established petrol filling station including a car wash at a junction with a number of key roads, including the A814 slip road – is an entirely appropriate location for such development.”

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The charging stations will be located in an area of hard standing.

A Glasgow City Council report of handling said: “The proposed development will result in the modification of a commercial property for an additional function that accords with policies designed to tackle the climate and nature crisis. The addition of the EV chargers represents a suitable adaptation in terms of climate mitigation.”


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