Polestar 3 completes extreme UAE testing cycle

Polestar’s crossover finishes its extreme desert testing phase in the Middle East

The keenly anticipated Polestar 3 is making development progress, despite missing its initial production deadline. Polestar, Volvo’s performance EV sub-brand, was scheduled to assemble the first units of its new crossover by midyear. That deadline has passed with no Polestar 3s being built. A revised production and market introduction deadline has been set for early 2024.

EV development and validation testing are challenging, with manufacturers being very sensitive to climate-induced battery performance changes and possible range truncation. A team of engineers has recently finished an extreme heat testing cycle with a fleet of Polestar 3s in the UAE.

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Two weeks of endurance and extreme weather testing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai focused on the integrity of all vehicle systems, from battery thermal stability to cabin climate control. Operating in temperatures of up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius), the Polestar 3’s 111kWh battery pack was thoroughly evaluated.

“The Polestar 3 development and testing program is progressing well, and I expect production to start in Q1 2024. Polestar 3 is at the start of its journey and customers can now visit our retail locations around the world to see its great proportions and sit in its exclusive and innovative interior,” said Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO.

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As a market offering, the Polestar 3 is a crucial volume product. Its crossover configuration and stylish design are enhanced by very potent performance, befitting a vehicle with Polestar branding.

Customers will have the option of a dual-motor powertrain and all-wheel drive traction, with peak outputs of 483 hp (360kW) and 620 lb-ft (840Nm) of torque. Top speed is limited to 130mph, with benchmark 0-60mph acceleration in 4.9 seconds.

True to its performance brand values, the Polestar will also offer customers a Performance Pack upgrade. Boosting power to 510 hp (380kW) and lifting that torque output to 671 lb-ft (909Nm). In Performance Pack trim, the Polestar 3 trims its 0-60mph acceleration to 4.6 seconds, while balancing the additional power with a recalibrated air-suspension system and 22-inch wheels, rolling Pirelli P-Zero tyres.

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