Polestar recommends Ohme smart charging for Irish customers

Want to leverage the potential of Night Boost charging in Ireland? Polestar and Ohme can make it happen.

Polestar, the performance EV sub-brand of Volvo, has announced a new charging partnership for Irish customers. The agreement sees Polestar recommending Ohme’s smart charging technology for its customers.

“Our new collaboration with Polestar underlines Ohme’s position as one of Ireland’s fastest growing dynamic EV charging companies,” said David Watson, CEO at Ohme. “Polestar has revolutionized the introduction of EVs by launching an entirely new luxury brand. With Ohme’s technology giving drivers the control to get more from their EVs, Ohme and Polestar are a natural partnership.”

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For Polestar, the recommendation makes sense, as recharging is a strong issue of customer alignment and conquest when considering an EV. Polestar’s vehicle portfolio features high-output electric motors and high-density battery packs, and its EV-first product development and marketing approach has netted Polestar a customer base of ardent EV adopters.

Ohme the ‘smart’ choice for Polestar

Even the most committed EV owners want to be smart about their recharging, whether it comes to convenience or cost. And that is exactly what Ohme enables.

“We are delighted to be working with Ohme as our recommended home charger supplier for our Irish owners,” said Jonathan Goodman, Head of Polestar UK & Ireland. “Ohme’s award-winning smart chargers and excellent approach towards customer service and professionalism align with Polestar’s core values and culture. This collaboration means that we can now provide customers with a significant cost saving and a whole EV offering – both a Polestar performance electric vehicle and a charging solution to match.”

What is the benefit that Ohma provides for Irish Polestar owners? The changing company’s sophisticated software is its IP, allowing users to optimize off-peak charging tariffs. Electric Ireland’s current tariffs are 40.89c/kWh, with a Night Boost rate of only 12.65c/kWh.

The Polestar 2 extended range model features a 78kWh battery pack, and using an Ohme smart charger during off-peak electric tariffing makes a lot of sense. The rudimentary calculation is €216.60 for driving 10,000km (6,213mi) over a year. By comparison, charging on the standard electricity tariff would cost €700.15.

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