Enyaq vRS becomes the fastest accelerating Skoda

The milestone Skoda with significantly more power is set for a 2024 release date

We all know that the Skoda Enyaq vRS is a great car in the Czech automobile maker’s lineup, but Skoda is now set to make it even better with an update coming to the range-topping model in 2024 that will give it more power, more range, faster charging, and even faster acceleration.

How much faster? Skoda has managed to make the new vRS one full second faster, going 0-62mph now in 5.5 seconds. If you compare it to the Enyaq iV, it’s almost a second and a half quicker!

Skoda Enyaq vRS SUV rear

Launched last year, the Enyaq vRS has perhaps established itself as one of the most complete performance electric cars in its sector, combining its sport performance with a long range. The extensive set of enhancements that form the basis of the 2024 model year update make the vRS SUV and Coupé aim to make it an even more complete package.

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The Enyaq vRS won’t just become Skoda’s quickest car, but with the dual motors being boosted from 299PS to 340PS, it also takes the mantle of having the highest output figure ever for a production Škoda model.

More power with more range

Despite the significant increase in power and performance, the improvements do not come at the expense of range. Indeed, thanks to a recalibration of the motors and the introduction of new power management software, the new 2024 Enyaq is even more efficient than the previous model. The new model has a provisional WLTP range of 340 miles – a 16-mile increase for the coupé.

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The SUV falls just a tad shy, capable of going 336 miles on a full charge — but that’s also a 15-mile increase compared to the previous model. Meanwhile, the battery capacity remains unchanged at 77kWh usable.

Drivers will also be able to charge the Enyaq vRS faster thanks to an increase in DC rapid charging speeds from 135kW up to 175kW. The higher peak speed means that owners will spend even less time recharging their cars. A 10 to 80 per cent charge on a 175kW or faster DC rapid charger will take approximately 28 minutes – an improvement of 8 minutes.

Skoda Enyaq vRS interior

Improved interior too

Škoda is also boosting equipment levels for Enyaq vRS buyers – adding to the already generous specification list with a number of new features and technologies. These include travel assist and speed assist, walk-away locking, rear side airbags, rear window blinds, rear USB-C charging ports and tow bar prep.

The Skoda Enyaq vRS’s digital cockpit (located behind the steering wheel) and optional head-up display have also been reworked to make them clearer and more intuitive. New graphics and animations have been introduced to make them easier to read while driving.

The Czech manufacturer is also offering two optional equipment packs with the vRS model: Advanced and Maxx. The Advanced package costs £2,035 with the Maxx package available for £3,980. However, all the new improvements will be present right from the baseline model as a standard. Orders for the new Skoda Enyaq vRS are due to open before the end of this month.

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