Taycan update becomes most powerful Porsche yet

Hypercar acceleration and rapid charging for Porsche EV Grand Tourer.

Taycan has been a defining vehicle for Porsche. When introduced in 2019, it was met with overwhelming market approval and immense first-round orders. Porsche has now updated its EV offering with an improved version of the Taycan, distinguished by restyled lights and reshaped air intakes.

There has been a change to Taycan’s battery cell chemistry and size, with the larger pack option growing from 93kWh to 105kWh. Powertrain components have been improved, too, with the electric motors featuring better internals, boosting power.

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New records for Porsche

The most potent Taycan derivatives have staggering power outputs, true to customer expectations. The baseline Taycan is good for 430hp (320kW), but the Turbo and Turbo S versions take Porsche into a new realm of performance.

Taycan Turbo is rated at a peak power output of 872hp (660kW), with the Turbo S at 940hp (700kW). If you are a follower of all things Porsche, then yes, the Taycan Turbo S becomes the most powerful road-going Porsche yet, besting the 918 Spyder.

The Turbo S also features a factory-fitted Sport Chrono pack, which includes a ‘push-to-pass’ function, delivering 70kW of ‘boost’ for a ten-second burst when required for seamless overtaking acceleration.

How quick is it? The Turbo S is capable of 0-60mph in only 2.3 seconds, the kind of acceleration that will strain passengers if exposed to it more than once in a short time.

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Taycan tames the corners

Driver feedback and agility are hallmarks of Porsche but challenging deliverables in a heavy EV. To enhance Taycan’s handling fluency and responsiveness, Porsche engineers have configured an optional ‘active ride’ suspension, using cross-linked dampers to counter body roll and improve traction on even road surfaces.

The Taycan’s suspension can auto-lower by 22mm as required to reduce centre of gravity and improve balance.

Better CarPlay and recharging

Porsche’s focus on technology integration is evident inside the Taycan, with an optional heads-up display and video streaming functionality for passengers on the move. Apple’s next-generation CarPlay is integrated with the infotainment system, too.

It might be a Porsche, but with any EV, recharging is a crucial performance metric. Porsche has reconfigured the Taycan’s onboard charging specification to accept energy from 320kW ultra-powerful superchargers. That means you could go from 10- to 80% battery capacity in only 18 minutes when plugged into the most powerful public recharging stations.

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