The Lucid Gravity EV claims SUV range record

Typically crazy Lucid performance and clever frunk viewing seats.

Lucid is an established presence in the market for ultra-luxury EVs, and the American brand has now added a class-defining SUV.

Regarded as one of the most accomplished EVs in production, Lucid’s sedan, the Air, will be joined in 2024 by the Gravity. This new model claims to have the best driving range of any luxury EV SUV, while also delivering the performance and cabin architecture that Lucid is renowned for.

Shaped for aerodynamics, Lucid’s SUV has a drag coefficient of only 0.24, which is remarkable. Any drag coefficient value below 0.26 is considered outstanding, and Lucid’s obsession with designing its SUV to have the lowest possible drag values has helped extend its range.

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Lucid hasn’t confirmed its new SUV’s exact battery and power specifications, but it has teased the market with a very impressive range claim of 440 miles. That’s noticeably further than Tesla’s Model X.

Beyond the lofty range claim, Lucid says the Gravity will be good for 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and tow 6,000 pounds. Although the electric motor outputs aren’t confirmed, Lucid’s product people have spoken of Gravity having a total system output in excess of 800hp.

Recharging performance should be rapid, too, thanks to Gravity’s 900-volt electrical architecture, which will allow it to optimise the energy transfer from ultra-high-capacity charging stations.

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Luxury trim and spaciousness have been a theme with Lucid’s EV sedans, and it continues inside its new SUV. There’s a 34-inch wraparound instrumentation/infotainment screen, and lots of cabin space, with plush, exquisitely padded seating.

How big is the Lucid Gravity inside? Well, the dedicated EV platform optimises legroom. With its overall vehicle size about halfway between a Mercedes-Benz EQE and EQS, it will comfortably accommodate six or seven passengers.

A particularly novel design feature of the Gravity is its frunk, which is countered and structured for seating. That means you can pop open the frunk and use it as a choice seat for two, to admire that sunset from an inspired viewing point on your favourite mountain road.


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