Urban SUV Concept is Toyota’s new BEV

Urban SUV Concept is set to become Toyota’s ‘affordable’ BEV, and it will be coming to Europe with the choice of two battery types

Toyota might be the largest OEM automotive brand with the slowest and most measured response to EV market dynamics, but that’s changing. Fast.

The Japanese automotive giant has announced its ambitions to add five new BEVs to its European product portfolio by the end of 2025.

While its rivals are struggling with heaped inventories and dealership resistance to EVs, due to low consumer demand and pricing sensitivity, Toyota appears to have skilfully navigated its EV marketing strategy. It appears poised to deploy its range of new BEVs, with fortuitous timing.

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Although battery and motor specifications remain undetailed, for now, Toyota is being quite clear about its positioning for these new BEVs. With the brand’s bZ4X having tested market sentiment for a BEV Toyota, engineers and product planners are now developing the idea of an affordable BEV, engineered to become Toyota’s first volume BEV.

It’s called the Urban SUV Concept for now and combines a low nose profile with bold exterior design proportions. The rear doors feature hidden handles, and the front headlight treatment leverages the latest LED technology in shape and functionality.

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For a Toyota, the Urban SUV Concept is a daring design. It measures 4.3m in length, with a height of 1.62m and 1.82m across. For reference, those dimensions make it larger than the Yaris Cross.

Although the radical 20-inch wheels and some of its design features will most certainly not make it into production, it will become a rival to the likes of Volvo’s EX30. Like the Swedish EV SUV, Toyota’s Urban SUV Concept, in production form, will feature two battery chemistry options.

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The strategy around offering two battery compositions might seem strange, even costly and complex, but it does enable Toyota to create a specific entry-level price point for the Urban SUV Concept.

Specification details concerning the Urban SUV Concept’s batteries, power, and range will become official when a production version of it is revealed in 2024. For now, we know that it will be offered in both front- and all-wheel drive configurations.

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